Solar System Kit

Solar system kit is a powerful system which supplies usable solar power by using photovoltaic. It includes several components connected in a special arrangement, making an integrated system.

Complete solar system kit includes:

  • Solar panels
  • Grid tie inverters
  • Mounting hardware

Grid tie kits are customized according to the energy needs and requirements.

  • Solar Panels: these are used to absorb and convert sunlight into electricity current from direct current to alternative current.
  • Some cables are also used for mounting to setup the working of the system.
  • A solar tracking system is also included in it. This tracking system improves the system's performance.
  • An integrated battery solution is also the part of this system.

A photovoltaic system converts light energy directly into electric energy i.e electricity. There are a variety of photovoltaic systems ranges from small panels, rooftop-mounted panels or while building integrated systems depend oncapacity and energy needs. On the basis of needs and designs photovoltaic systems are further divided into many categories. One of them is grid-connected photovoltaic systems which are only used nowadays. However off-grid systems are also using somewhere according to needs.

Photovoltaic systems convert sun's light radiation into usable electric energy. With the passage of time, theintroduction of new technologies and increasing needs photovoltaic systems are continuously making modifications in their structure and thus divided into further categories according to the requirements.

These categories include off-grid, VS stand alone, crystalline silic9n VS thin-film technology and much more.

With the continuous advances in the technology of photovoltaic and increases in manufacturing scale the cost is also decreasing continuously.

Top countries which are known as chief installers of these systems includes China, Japan and the United States. Soon solar power will become the world's largest source of electricity.

The capacity of thephotovoltaic system varies according to their categories starting from few kilowatts and ranges upto hundreds of megawatts.

Cost per watt against each system depend upon the size of the system panels. Smaller the mounted system higher would be the cost per watt. Small sized PV systems are enough to provide Alternative current to light a single home.

Maintenance of modules is an important factor while dealing with such systems. Sunlight may absorbed by dust , snow an other dirt particles that many effect the working of the module n also it’sappearance . For increasing the output their should be a proper maintenance mechanism for  the system and that should be applied ofenly.

Including all other components there is an other important functioning unit of this system iS k own as rechargeable batteries which stores energy in them. This energy is then used at night and on non sunny or cloudy days.

As the technology is advancing day by day there production cost of PV cells is continuously dropping. The main achievement of introducing  this technology is to provide electricity at cheaper rated while using natural resources i.e, sunlight.


The Advantages of Buying a Solar Kit